Managing Nuget Packages – Installing Correct / Old Versions

Nuget packages are great. Concept is to “plug-in” whole libraries or frameworks with correct configurations and files at right place. So that it is all central and ready to use. As you install package, it add required assemblies to project, and add all the related configuration to config file automatically using one command. Sometime it can get messy in terms of package version management. if your code is not compatible with new version of a package, or you want to un-install or simply revert to... [More]

Action, Func and Predicate - Predefined Generic Delegates

Action, Func and Predicate are pre-defined Generic delegates. So as delegate they can point to functions with specified signature. Action<> Does not return any value, and can take from none up to 16 generic parameters. So there are total of 17 overloads for Action delegate, from no parameter to up to 16 generic parameters. As it does not return any value, so conventionally named as Action. - Action - Action<T> - Action<T1, T2> - Action<T1, T2, T3> - Action< …... [More]

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