Computer Programming – A struggle between Art and Science

Programming Naturally an Art When it comes to programming, I am in complete agreement with Donald E. Knuth well-known respected computer scientist and author of the best programming multi-volume work ‘The Art of Computer Programming’. He published an article “Computer Programming as An Art” in a CACM 1974 publication, and that article is a comprehensive coverage of the subject, and as valid today as it was back in time. Article talks in great detail about the conception of art as well science, ... [More]


Finally a long started, low priority background thread in my head succeeded, and I started a blog. Hello everyone! and Welcome to my Blog. "Now, fair Blogging, our publishing hour Draws on apace; many happy blogging days bring in another moon; but oh methinks, how slow this old moon wanes! it lingers my desires, like to a step-dame or a dowager, long withering out a young developer's revenue." - Shakespeare, about blogging ;) Hope you will get benefited in some way, by some of ... [More]

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Bajwa Thumbnail Ali Haider is a software developer and technology enthusiast based in Reading, UK. He has over ten years of hands on experience in software design and development using Microsoft technologies on various fronts. He attempts to keep learning and applying cutting edge technologies and best practices, and his passion is to work on complex challenging projects and to develop data crunching frameworks.


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