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I am an experienced agile software developer worked mostly in web domain. I work with C#, ASP.NET, AJAX and SQL Server to develop sophisticated applications. I have a deep technical insight from database backend to client rendered output, along with product design and project management which gives me strong ability to deliver end to end optimized solutions. I believe in programming aesthetics, and my strength stems from writing well designed, simple and optimized code. Apart from my technical experience, I have always been at forefront of understanding the reality and complexity of end user business, conceiving and designing an easy to use and most practical solution throughout my career and it is my accomplished strength. I am a product oriented thinker with end user experience in my mind, while keeping the practicality of resource limitation.

My passion for programming computers developed in 1996, when I written my first program using Basic programming language in my 8th grade. It flourished in high school, when we were taught Fortran in an introductory computer science course. I went on for graduation in computer science, and my love for programming evolved with Curly Bracket Languages . While doing Graduation in Computer Science, I programmed with C, C++, Java, JavaScript and finally C#. I also got exposure of many wonderful languages and tools, which I really enjoyed programming with such as Lisp and Prolog. Later on, started working as professional in 2005 and ever since, I am using C# and Microsoft.NET platform to develop more and more robust Windows and Web based solutions for multiple organizations. I love programming challenges, data crunching algorithms and complex frameworks.

Technologies I work with mostly:

Windows, Web & Cloud:
Web Server:
- ASP.NET, Web Forms, MVC, Windows Azure
Web Rich Client:
- JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery, JSON
Architecture Design:
- Three Tier Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture SOA
- Microsoft SQL Server (SSRS, Notification Services), Oracle
Applied Concepts:
- Relational Designing, Complex query optimization
- Umbraco
- Agile, Waterfall, Hybrid
- EMC RSA Archer
- Search Engine Optimization: SEO Expertise
- Crystal Reports, SSRS

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About Bajwa

Bajwa Thumbnail Ali Haider is a software developer and technology enthusiast based in London. He has over nine years of hands on experience in software design and development using Microsoft technologies on various fronts. He attempts to keep learning and applying cutting edge technologies and best practices, and his passion is to work on complex challenging projects and to develop data crunching frameworks.


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